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About Mayland Metallic Material Ltd.

Mayland Metallic Materials Ltd., based in Richmond Hill, Ontario, is an engineering company committed to deliver high quality rock bolts for tunnel support and slope reinforcement. Because we are a new company, we are able to keep our overheads low and maintain competitive pricing. Our products have been applied to more than 100 projects in China such as hydraulic power stations, building pits, slopes, highway and railway tunnels. The current annual production volume in China is averaged at 1,000,000 meters.

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Quality Assurance 

With our company’s improved method of manufacturing, we were able to extend our anchor bar’s elongation significantly. Improved elongation greatly reduces the risk of rock bolt chipping and breaking during borehole drilling and insertion. Our Type T bars can be bent in an 180° fashion while maintaining its ultimate tensile strength and displaying no surface cracks. Each one of our anchor bar is manufactured with such technique to ensure maximum reliability and usability. When you use a Mayland bar, you are assured.