R Thread Bars – R38
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Self-drilling anchor (SDA) combines drilling, insertion and grouting into one easy operation. It reduces project lead time and installation difficulty. Mayland Metallic Materials Ltd. utilizes low carbon steel in all of its anchor production. Low carbon content in steel increases its ductility, reduces its brittleness, and resists corrosion cracking and carbon embrittlement. This choice of material significantly reduces occurrences where rockbolt may snap or buckle during onsite installation.

Anchor Body Drill Bit Hex Nut Arch Plate Coupler

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Anchor Body

Rock Bolt Type Outer Diameter Inner Diameter Weight Cross Section Area Yield Load Ultimate Tensile Load
R38L 38 mm 21 mm 4.80 kg/m 611 mm2 350 kN 420 kN
R38N 38 mm 19 mm 6.00 kg/m 717 mm2 400 kN 500 kN

Hex Nut

Hex Nut Type Width Across Flats Length Thread Direction Weight
R38 50 mm 60 mm L 0.50 kg/pc

Drill Bit

EW Clay
Drill Bit Size Drill Bit Type Condition Outer Diameter Weight Thread Direction
R38 EX – Steel Cross Mixed Soils – Soft to Medium Conditions 76 mm 1.70 kg/pc Left
R38 EXX – Carbide Cross Mixed Soils – Soft to Medium Conditions 76 mm 1.70 kg/pc Left
R38 ESSF – Tungsten Carbide Button Bit Medium Soil Condition 76 mm
90 mm
1.10 kg/pc
1.85 kg/pc
R38 EW – Clay Bit Clay and Loose Soil 76 mm
90 mm
0.73 kg/pc
0.83 kg/pc


Coupler Type Outer Diameter Length Thread Direction Weight
R38 51 mm 220 mm Left 1.70 kg/pc

Arch Plate

Arch Plate Type Width Length Thickness Hole Diameter Weight
R38N 200 mm 200 mm 12 mm 41 mm 3.60 kg/pc